Every man's Rights

In Finland, the rights and obligations of everybody are an essential part of outdoor life.

Anyone can move freely in woods and on waters provided they do not cause unnecessary disturbance. You can come ashore for short periods of time, and for camping for one to two nights. However, homes and holiday cottages should be avoided (say, by 200-300 meters) and bird nesting sites should remain undisturbed. Camping must not cause any damage for the land owner.

On marked routes, do obey any instructions and use designated camping areas only.

Making an open fire without the permission of the land owner is forbidden everywhere except at designated sites. Do always extinguish your fire carefully. During periods when forest fire precautions are in force, making open fires is strictly forbidden.

Fishing requires special permits. Contact local tourist offices and tourist enterprisers for more information. In addition to area permits, one has to pay a statutory fishing fee for the state.

Littering the countryside is prohibited.

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